Hi all, if you see this home page then you have come to the right place.This blog is the manifestation of my traveling and writing lust. However, it is written in Indonesian to accommodate my Indonesian fellows and also as a practice for me writing in Indonesian. Writing a travel book has always been my dream and this blog is my own practice ground. Enjoy your visit and feel free to ask any questions about my posts. Have fun 🙂

Turkey (2014)

Turkey (2016)





Greece (Yunani)

Guru Kelana on Honeymoon (June -July 2017)

and don’t forget to visit my new articles about Roman and Byzantium Empire. Feel free to comment :D..

Constantine (part I) : Bangkitnya Sang Kaisar Kristen

Constantine (part II) : Sang Penguasa Roma Baru

Julian Si Murtad : Kaisar Pagan Terakhir dari Romawi

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  1. Hai! Mau ngasih saran aja nih, tampilan awal blog mendingan tulisan-tulisan yang baru di post aja koh, biar lebih gampang nyarinya kalo mau baca tulisan baru hehe


    1. Hi Louise, terima kasih buat sarannya, latest posts bisa dilihat di menu option selain itu klo subscribe jg bisa dapet info klo ada update baru. Makasih buat inputnya ya.


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